Through the symbolism of elements and colours, we see an importance that transcends aesthetics.
The house is the head of our lives, a second skin, something that says much about us.
Colleoni’s work is to continue with you throughout this great adventure of decorating and furnishing…



“Colleoni Roberto & C. Tappezzieri” was founded in 1954 in a basement in Via Ceresoli by Alberto Colleoni, Robert’s father. In time, the business moved to different parts of the city, in pursuit of larger spaces that were more suitable for production, until permanently settling in Via Baioni.
The premises, which currently cover approximately 3000 m2, include sewing laboratories, sofa production unit, carpentry work- shop, showroom and Colleoni Proposte d’Arte.
A team of people with different and complementary skills that works passionately to interpret and satisfy customer needs: from upholstered articles and curtains to wall coverings and carpeting, parquet flooring, etc.

The company relies on planning and design to create its products: from model drafts to modern renderings, from putting into production in the laboratory, to achieving top-quality finished products, appreciated in Italy and abroad.
A legend that has made history. From Alberto, founder of the first workshop in the 1950s known as Colleoni, to the present, with Roberto, Tullia, Giacomo and Gianandrea Colleoni.
A team of architects is perpetually entwined with the Colleoni Roberto & C. name, for planning and designing interiors, homes and offices, new furnishing projects and customised proposals.

…Almost sixty years of history…

Colleoni was founded in a basement in via Ceresoli 2A where Alberto lived with his wife Rosetta and their four children Gianna, Alba, Roberto and Massimo.
After several years spent working in the basement, Alberto Colle- oni decides, after much self-doubt and sleepless nights (terrified because of possible debts), to move to Via G.B. Moroni no. 268 to a laboratory of about 100 m2, fantastic at the time.

They participate in the “First show competition for the best living room”.

Roberto, the third-born, also begins to collaborate with his father: after some hesitation, the family decides to move to Via Quarenghi no. 12 to a 250 m2 laboratory in the city centre.
They participate in the second handicraft show, winning first prize/ gold medal for the best living room.

They participate in the “Seventh national show competition for curtains” in Milan, winning third prize (bronze medal).

They participate in the “First flower show” in Bergamo and are awarded a silver medal for best arrangement.

They move to no. 12 in Via A. Pitentino, and finally what son Roberto has dreamed begins to materialise: a large laboratory, a laboratory almost all to himself, a small display room and many other things that a young 22-year old might dream of having. They stay here for ten years.
They participate in the “First general furniture show” in Bergamo and win first prize for the best living room with a gold medal.

They participate in the “Eighth furniture show” in Busto Arsizio, presenting a totally innovative armchair model.

They participate in the “Bergamo handicraft show” in Bergamo, presenting a new concept living room.

They are finally able to purchase a building all for themselves in Via Baioni 21, and move to the current premises in a laboratory of about 100 m2.
Several important projects are realised abroad: France, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Monte Carlo.

They double the surface area, purchasing an adjoining warehouse.

The father Alberto, company founder, passes away.

Colleoni goes from being an artisanal general partnership to
an LLC, registered at the Bergamo Province Industrial Union.

The company purchases a display area facing Via Baioni 19 to refurbish.

The Colleoni Company changes corporate name: its new name is Colleoni Roberto & C. srl Tappezzieri dal 1954 (upholsteers since 1954).
Roberto’s wife Tullia begins collaborating full time with him. Meanwhile, a parent’s dream of seeing his own children in the com- pany comes true.
A sales outlet opens in Albenga in Via Dalmazia no. 160 called “La cornice di Stoffa” by Antonella Rossato.

This year, children Giacomo and Gianandrea begin to collaborate full time.
The refurbished display window is inaugurated.

The company begins to acquire large turnkey jobs and also does work in Russia, Brazil, New York, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Spain, the Philippines, Egypt and Colombia.

Two enormous satisfactions for the company: the Milan Stock Market engages Colleoni to supply curtains and wallpaper for its new, magnificent operating headquarters.
They buy back 10% of the company that had been sold to a multinational company in the sector.

The company is completely renovated in these two years. The display area of the showroom is tripled.
The offices are updated to new standards.
The laboratories, the heart of the company, are more rationally organised and some departments are lofted.

The company celebrates 50 years of business

Several very important jobs are confirmed abroad; in
Luxembourg, another in Russia at Saint Petersburg, in Moscow, Kiev and another in the Philippines. They begin collaborating with several Italian fashion designers.

They purchase part of a building to connect to the carpentry department, creating a new exit on Via De Osa.
Several very demanding jobs are realised in the heart of London. The new enterprise, Colleoni Proposte d’Arte (Art Proposals) is founded, a constant passion that materialises into a sales venue for paintings, sculptures, art objects and antiques, located in the premises in Via Baioni 19 and 21, but now with great projects for the future.

The first true important art exhibition was inaugurated in the magnificent setting of Villa Suardi at Trescore Balneario (Bg) in June. Eight artists and several pieces of their unique and special work were presented.

Other fantastic work was realised abroad in the form of important furnishings in Lisbon, Paris, Lausanne, Engadine, Kiev and an enormous project in Angola, Mussulo and Luanda.
The collaboration with several Italian designers continues.
The inauguration of the second art exhibition at Villa Suardi in October 2010

We purchased part of a building in Via Baioni 19 to connect to our window display.

After renovating the new space dedicated solely to the Gallery, inauguration with a solo exhibition by painter Carlo Nangeroni (NY 1922) Custhome SRL in Via S. Tomaso 72 Bergamo was founded, a company in our Group, Carlo Baio and Dario Turani, company founded for designing and selling design furniture and furnishing accessories.

Inauguration of an exhibition by painter Aldo Salvadori (1905- 2002) entitled “Omaggio ad un amico” (Tribute to a Friend) in March. 141
Despite the exceptionally difficult crisis that has struck the entire world, we are optimistic about the future and have many other proposals and ideas in development.

Let us conclude with a phrase we love to repeat…
At the end of this brief digression of the Colleoni business, the fundamental contribution of collaborators, architects, designers, interior designers, friends, customers and suppliers cannot be overlooked. We give them our heartfelt thanks and hope they will remain our friends in the years to come.

Thank you for reading and following us in our journey throughout all these years.

Roberto Tullia Giacomo e Gianandrea COLLEONI